Tips for a trip

to nearby cities

You can pleasantly spend your free time not only hiking or sports activities, but also visiting an interesting city in the area. There are several of them near Golden Beach Apartment. We will describe in more detail, for example, Komárno, Štúrovo, but also the historic city of Esztergom in our Hungarian neighbors.

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Komárno (Hungarian: Komárom, German: Komorn, Serbian: Коморан (Komoran), lat. Camarum, Comaromium) is a town and municipality in the Nitra Region of eastern Slovakia. For our Hungarian ... Read more >>
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The geolocation of the town of Štúrovo (formerly called Parkan, Hungarian: Párkány, German: Gockern) is a town in the Nitra Region in the District of ... Read more >>

Tips of free time activities

It all depends only on your preferences for spending free time during a vacation or free weekend. The Golden Beach apartment will certainly be an attraction for fishing lovers who will also enjoy themselves in the area. Hikers, cyclists, runners, or just nature lovers.

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Near the Golden Beach Apartment there is the Danube Cycling Path (German: Donauradweg, Hungarian: Duna menti kerékpárút), which is one of the most famous and visited cycling routes not only on ... Read more >>
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The name of the area into which the territory at the Golden Beach Apartment falls is Danube No. 1 with the number of the area 2-0480-1-1. It extends from the mouth ... Read more >>

Leisure activities regarding the season

The uniqueness of the Golden Beach apartment is its versatile use in every season. Very many accommodation units and apartments are interesting for potential clients only during one or two seasons of the year and the rest of the year they are used only to a negligible extent. However, we believe that the potential of an apartment on the Danube can be exploited all year round, regardless of the weather or temperature fluctuations at any given time of the year. If you do not choose from the large number of leisure activities on offer, which can be found in the near and distant surroundings of the apartment, there is still a possibility to have a pleasant rest in the interior of the apartment, to relax, to change the environment from the habitual residence in which we are most of the year and to wake up, for example, with the chirping of various birds with the unmistakable sound of the Danube. An electric fireplace indoors or a luxurious bathtub in the bathroom will make your relaxation more enjoyable. It all depends on your leisure preferences during your holiday or free weekend. The Golden Beach Apartment will certainly be an attraction for fishing enthusiasts, who will also enjoy the surroundings. Hikers, cyclists, runners, or just nature lovers. Just choose what you are looking for on your dream holiday or long weekend and Golden Beach Apartment will surely be there to help you. That's why we've divided the leisure options for your holiday or even a free weekend by season:

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Spring holidays

Spring is characterized by the awakening of everything around. The first birds arrive from warm countries, nature starts to wake up after the winter and we also perceive spring … Čítať ďalej >>
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Winter holidays

Can you imagine what it would be like to see fresh snow falling on the surface of the Danube? Winter holidays by the Danube are specific ... Read more >>
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Autumn holidays

Many of you will agree with us that autumn has its own special charm. After an exhausting active summer, packed with leisure activities ... Read more >>
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Summer holidays

Are you one of those people who can't wait for summer holidays and have been working since April? Or are you more of a person ... Read more >>